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"Creating connections between scientists, engineers and other experts on the potential of Biochar is very important. Biochar could make a big difference to the climate if we maximise its potential and I’m delighted that this network has been developed."




Climate change is a threat to civilisation which must be tackled.  Biochar offers a significant tool to reduce CO2 and GHG emissions — it has been estimated that, on a global scale, sustainable biochar production could reduce net emissions of GHGs by as much as 1.8 Gt CO2-C equivalent per year (i.e. 12% of current anthropogenic emissions).

Biochar for Carbon Capture is a UK-Canadian network which will allow researchers to investigate the potential of biochar as a technically and economically effective method of capturing carbon in a stabilised form while increasing soil quality and thus adaptability of agriculture to climate change.

Also, the network aims to raise awareness among the public and policy makers about biochar as a sustainable option for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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"Could biochar be the new black gold?" is the title of a recently published article in the last Issue (43) of Carbon Capture Journal.


Bantrel Award in Design and Industrial Practice

Ajay Dalai

Congratulation to Dr. Ajay Dalai, from University of Saskatchewan, on winning the 2014 Bantrel Award in Design and Industrial Practice.


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